Eat potassium-rich foods to avoid a stroke and lower blood pressure

Want to know how to avoid a stroke? Eat more potassium rich foods found in fruits and veggies like: orange juice, bananas, raisins, spinach, broccoli and potatoes. Not only did these foods help maintain proper muscle function, they had other health benefits too.

My mother had a major muscle spsm that left her lying flat on the floor. The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies said it this was caused by low potassium. The left leg muscle ache suffered by me from December 2015 to February 2016 wasn’t just lack of fluids, but low potassium also. Raisins were never in short supply as a snack, which is eaten by me a lot. The pain ceased in April.

Most of these fruits and veggies also served a dual purpose. Foods like broccoli and salmon are bone strengtheners and have as much calcium as a glass of milk, a slice of cheese and a small serving of yogurt. Properly prepared, they are also a great way to lower cholesterol and avoid clotting that blocks blood flow to the brain. Women were more apt to suffer strokes than men. However, those ladies in the latter stage of middle age and those beginning seniors who had high potassium in their diets were less likely to have strokes than those who didn’t.

Remember the onions, peppers and mushrooms people loved on their pizzas and spaghetti dishes? These foods help curtail some of the signs of menopause, like mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. My friend from church told me this was a good way to stay healthy too. Eating mushrooms reduced the risk of breast, colon, and stomach cancer. Onions protected the heart, the immune system and are excellent in fighting diabetes and some forms of cancer. .

To be perfectly frank, eating food like this beat taking fish oil as a daily supplement. The after taste made my breath smell like fish and everything taste that way too. I swear it oozed from my pores too. The odor was strong before taking my shower. Mom told me that because of the salmon in my diet, the fish oil supplement might not be needed.

Because of my moderately high cholesterol, diagnosed in 2009 during a routine check up, it was important to pay attention to one’s diet. Eating these potassium rich foods also helped in reducing blood pressure. After visiting my doctor and having my level checked twice this year, it amazed me that it was normal after suffering from “White Coat Syndrome”, or having high blood pressure only when visiting one’s primary doctor. Stress also caused health problems like strokes and heart attacks. The migraine suffered by me in 2008 was induced by stress and could have caused a stroke. My whole right side was weakened by more than Spastic Cerebral Palsy.

So the secret is out. To avoid a stroke one had to eat potassium rich foods. Granted, they not only helped avoid strokes, but also lowered blood pressure. Some of them served a dual purpose and were bone strengtheners too, while others battled the effects of menopause and reduced the risk of some forms of cancer.


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